About Us

About us

Ralph Pollack
Designer and Manufacturer of GimPro

Ralph found an outlet for his creativity in photography. Ralph is a passionate amateur photographer and loves spending time capturing the beauty of South African nature and wild life.

The Genesis of the GimPro
A Hideaway Epiphany

It was while spending time in a hide, struggling to capture birds in flight, that the idea for the GimPro was born. A fellow photographer in the hide was showing off his gimbal. After trying it out, Ralph was convinced that his photography would only benefit from having a gimbal.

The Evolution of the GimPro
From Workshop to Innovation

Back at home, Ralph spent some time researching gimbals and then disappeared into his workshop to make one of his own! This was the first generation of the GimPro. Endless hours were spent on improving the design and function of this gimbal, resulting in the current GimPro.

Engineered for steadfast stability & handsfree photography

As an avid photographer Ralph Pollack also struggled with cumbersome gear and out of frustration engineered a range of camera support products that provide the steadfast stability for freedom of movement that allows you to capture those perfect in-focus shots.

“I injured my right elbow before I left for Kenya and ordered a Gimpro Gear Safari Clamp which took all the weight off my right elbow. The clamp worked great mounted on a Gamewatchers Safaris truck. It’s like having a tripod without having to deal with the legs in the vehicle. They are very popular in South Africa.”
Jim Coda
“I thought I would follow-up with you on the stacked swivel arm arrangement you supplied me for my kayak. I’ve been very happy with the equipment – the construction, fit and finish are top drawer. The system has gotten a lot of use this year and has been working out very well.”
Jeff Dyck
“Quick photo of the inflatable rib with your camera supports. That’s my friend jay. We were out at sunrise taking photos of loons (divers) on a lake in northern Minnesota. Your gear travelled a long way to get here but no more solid camera support have I seen for this application”
Dennis Olivera
“Christmas and Easter together, that best describes it 😉 Very good craftsmanship, everything turns and runs smoothly, fits together 1000%. I have never had such a good quality in my hands.”
“I would just like to comment that I have been photographing wildlife for some 30 years. I have used all manner of stabilisation system for my equipment. I was blown away by your GimPro and it knocks spots off everything I have tried previously.”

Every wildlife photographer deserves to enjoy their outdoor experience.

When your photography is being limited by heavy camera gear you need GimPro to provide steadfast stability for the freedom of movement. Then you can stop feeling burdened and enjoy limitless hours of wildlife photography!

GimPro Is Your Photographic Partner In The Wild.

Whether you’re a serious hobbyist or a professional wildlife photographer, GimPro is your best friend in the bush.

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